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Clutter Elimination
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Keeping You As A Trusted Returning Customer
Living spaces, work spaces, playrooms, toys, kitchens, pantries, moving preparation, travel preparation, home offices, business offices, movies, books, bathrooms, linens, garages, storage rooms, bedrooms, closets, seasonal decorations and paper work.

Other  services we are committed to: Attics, senior downsizing, chronic disorganization, combining households, coordinating dual residences, craft rooms, custom filing solutions, custom storage and design, estate organizing, hoarders, home based businesses, home staging, inventory, memorabilia storage, non-profit organizations, personal coaching, personal shopping, recycling, and time management. 

At Optimistic Organizing, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We provide a variety of services including, but not limited to:
We have several solutions for organizing. It will all come down to what you prefer and how you want us to handle the situation. Every client has their own unique environment and piticular ways of doing things. Some clients will know exactly what they want and some will be totally clueless. We are here to make you feel most comfortable in helping to make decisions about your domain. We can do it all for you, or you can be involved every step of the way. You can give us just an idea of what your expectations are, and we can take care of the rest. That is why we are very diverse and flexible.
All of our services are kept private and confidential. Each time we provide services to you we will take a before and after picture with your permission and keep a detailed list of the work we have done in a file/folder. So the next time you need a new service or want us to update something we have already done, we will be able to refer back to your personal file and make your next project as personal and professional as the last. We want to make you feel important and trust that we will do a fabulous job every time.
If there is a service that we have not mentioned or you have any question concerning consultations, hours or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff is happy to help and find the best solutions for you.
Pricing / Fees
Organizing Fee:
$25.00 per hour

Free estimate/consultation 

Additional Fees:
$25.00 for research/ordering  items/materials the client may need to complete a job. 
If supplies/materials have already been ordered for the job and the client cancels then the client will be responsible for the shipping fee to return the materials.
$25.00 for trash removal, recycling, and donations.  

Clients will have a choice of how they want to dispose of their unwanted items.Clients will have an option of having us dispose of their items for them or they may do it themselves.

Some jobs may be priced on the job in whole instead of per hour. That will be discussed during your consultation.

Payments may be made with a credit card for a small fee.
We do accept checks.
There will be a fee for any returned checks.
Licensed & Insured
 I want to be totally upfront with my customers, make them feel comfortable, and make the process as easy as possible. That is why I have created a simple and fair system of pricing making it affordable  for everyone. My fees are as shown and I have chosen what I like to call "The 25 method". I want to be fair and make everything simple for my clients, especially the way the economy is today. We care about our customers and always want them to choose us in the future.