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Organizing services


The thought of a CLUTTER-FREE, organized space may sound like a dream...

that there's no such thing as SIMPLE when it comes to your home!

But I'm here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE

There's no SHAME in asking for help & no apologies needed.

It may sound crazy, but I LOVE this job and am ready to help!

Here's How we make it happen


After submitting your form online, we schedule a time to meet for a complimentary 30 minute consultation. During this time, we will walk through your home, answer any questions you have, and make a PLAN to create the home you desire! 


Now it's time to put your beautiful, clean space back together! The design may include purchasing new products or using what you already have! 

We will be sure that all the items you USE most are right at your fingertips, easy to find, and easy to PUT AWAY for all your family members!


This is where the FUN begins! When we arrive at your home, we will focus on completely taking apart your space (don't worry, the mess will only be for a moment!), sorting your possessions into categories so we can make sure there is space for everything you love


What works best for one, doesn't always work best for another! 

My goal is to ensure that the systems that we create 


After living with and using your new space, I will be ready and available to consult with you and make any changes necessary.


This is your most important job

Making sure the things you LOVE stay put and the things you don't find a new home. 

Never any judgement, just a listening ear, ready to help you work through decisions. 

There are times and seasons for our possessions as well.


Goodbye doesn't need 

to be forever! 

 We offer maintenance packages so when life gets busy, you can count on having those little tweeks to keep your systems running smooth and home feeling great!

Time to LOVE your space again!

Contact me TODAY
for your free consultation

No stress, no pressure, just a free quote!

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Thanks for reaching out!


Lauren did an exceptional job helping us to downsize for our new home. She was prompt with appointments and kept us informed. We appreciated her polite, courteous and professional manner. We have recommended her to others.


Forest, VA

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